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Wiley Society Partners

June 15, 2011

Politics & Government Spotlight provides you with a list of key societies, along with direct links to their websites.


Publishing Workshops

June 15, 2011

Politics & Government Spotlight provides you with free access to a series of publishing workshops, covering areas such as the peer review process, publishing your work online and offering advice for younger scholars.

Key Search Tools – Wiley Online Library, Google and YouTube

June 14, 2011

Politics & Government Spotlight enables you to create customized searches of:

  • Wiley Online Library – search our state-of-the-art platform for the latest research as well as the deep archive of back issue content
  • Google Scholar – keep track of recently published articles and books
  • Google Syllabi Search – search the web for syllabi freely available on institutional websites (.edu, and; perfect for developing teaching ideas and resources.
  • Google News – read the latest relevant news from major media
  • YouTube – find educational videos in your field
  • Google Blogs – read what’s happening in your field across the blogosphere

The default search term is ‘political science’. Modify the search term to find more specific results.

To do so, simply tap ‘Edit Term’ at the top-right to change your search term. You can use quotation marks (“”) to conduct exact phrase searches as well as Boolean operators.

Syllabi Search

June 13, 2011

Politics & Government Spotlight includes a customizable Google Syllabi Search tool to find syllabi freely available on institutional websites, perfect for generating teaching ideas.

Add your Feed 1 & 2

June 10, 2011

There are many powerful resources and tools at your fingertips in Politics & Government Spotlight, but we won’t have thought of everything!

You may wish to also follow the RSS feed for a favorite blog, website and/or publication and customize the app to your needs.

  • Simply copy the RSS feed you want to add
  • Go to ‘Add your Feed 1’ or ‘Add your Feed 2’
  • Hit ‘Tap to set your feed’ and then paste your RSS feed and tap ‘OK’

If you wish to change your customized feed later, simply hit ‘Edit’ top-right and paste the new RSS feed.

Contact Us

June 9, 2011

Questions or suggestions regarding Politics & Government Spotlight?

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